Export/Import/Clone? Backup Apps function missing after 2.2.29?

2.2.29 brought some changes to the UI which is fine, however, it seems like I lost the ability to export an App!

You actually gained this ability in 2.2.9. :slight_smile: Version 2.2.8 and prior did not have this at all except for some apps that implemented it in an app-specific way, like Rule Machine. Could that be what you were thinking of?

The export/import/clone features are now available to all apps, both built-in and custom, and is accessible from the App Status page. (Some apps may not allow it--those that only allow a single instance to be installed, for example.) The App Status page is accessible from the gear/cogs icon next to the app in list view, or the same icon towards the top right of the app when open. To clone a rule, for example, you'd go into this page for that specific rule (not the parent app, and the App Status page rather than the app itself, both changes from previous versions).

SWEET! The new UI tripped me up, but you got me squared away again. Thanks for the quick response!