Expected behavior for trigger at certain time

I have a rule to turn on my bathroom heater in the mornings. I originally just had a virtual switch I turned on that would say turn on the heat at a certain time on weekday mornings. I decided to try and put some smarts in it so I wouldn't have to remember to turn it on, it would just do it automatically based on the state of the house thermostat.

Basically it triggers at 3:55am then waits until 4:30am to see if the house heat comes on. If it does, it then turns on the virtual thermoset that controls the heater in the bathroom. The Ecobee thermostat turns up the heat setpoint at 4:00am.

This morning was the first time since I created it that I thought it might have come on. It did not, so I checked the logs. The rule worked as expected, I think, as the Ecobee heat did come on this morning but not until around 4:45am. My rule had already timed out by then. I need to adjust that.

The issue I saw in the logs was how many times the rule triggered. The log and the rule are shown below. Does this seem right? It looks like it triggered as many times as it could between 3:55:000 to 3:55:999. The trigger time is a hub variable.

Please show the Scheduled Jobs portion of the rule's App Status page (gear icon). What build are you running?

Running latest version

Log below:

Have you hit Done in that app since you posted the logs above that showed multiple triggers?

I was in the process of editing my response to mention I had updated the app to increase the time to wait as I saw your response pop up. So yes I have hit done.

OK, no way to tell now what happened. What build are you running?

Listed above

I will check it again in the morning and see what happens, but I assume there shouldn't be that many triggers?

Correct. There is a known bug having to do with Predicates that might be causing this, which is fixed in 2.3.0, now in beta.


Worked fine this morning looks like only one trigger. I had added some additional code, including a wait for elapsed time of 2 seconds as the first line, so multiple triggers could be stopped.

It only showed it triggering once though.

This is happening to me too. I’ll keep an eye out for an update.


This rule seems to be working as expected now. It had been since I made the the changes I listed above, so don't know if recent update helped or not.