Expanding my Zigbee Network to another room

What you see below is a sketch of my house.
In room A (living room) on the red table, there are my router and my HE.
Room B is the front stairs.
In room B I have Sonoff motion sensors, but the signal is weak and communication often drops.
How can I expand my network through the wall?

Thanks for the help

Add a repeater (or several). I'd read this Hubitat doc for more information on what I mean: How to Build a Solid Zigbee Mesh - Hubitat Documentation


I was going to say sledgehammer :rofl: but repeaters are the correct answer.


Assuming you have a wooden door, I'd place a repeater on the left wall of your living room, trying to get a straight line-of-sight to the motion sensor or yet another repeater in room B.

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OK i will try to put someting useful
Near the door on the left wall i have the Magnetothermical Switch for all the floor

I can put after it some zigbee power measurement unit...
It exist?

Maybe this one
There is chance to find a driver?

Might be able to use a Generic ZigBee Switch driver with it...

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And generic Zigbee driver have a power meter too?
I have no access to the HE now

I believe that they should support it, installed ZWave Plus switches when I moved last spring and can't remember for sure if I had it in the old house.

I am not sure that Climax Zigbee Pro device would operate as a Zigbee HA1.2 router/repeater. It might work, I just don't know enough about Zigbee to tell you for sure.

I would just pick up some IKEA Zigbee Outlets, or the IKEA dedicated repaters and see of they help improve your mesh network.

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On the left wall i don't have plugs where i can plug the IKEA repeater.
I have a wall box where i can put something like a sonoff switch...

i want to chech this option too

That device seems like it is compatible with the Home Assistant Zigbee implementations, which sounds somewhat promising that it might also work with Hubitat. Using it purely as a Zigbee repeater may work without a special driver, but it still needs to be joined to the Hubitat Zigbee mesh network. If the power/energy monitoring is desired, then a special Hubitat driver may need to be written if one of the built-in ones does not work.

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TBH that’s where I thought this thread was going when I saw the title and a 3D rendering of the rooms in question.

I have edited the title slightly to make it clearer we’re talking about expanding a (wireless) zigbee network.

Edit: btw if anyone is interested in getting Ethernet (or any other low voltage wiring) expanded throughout your home and you live in the NY/NJ/CT area, PM me. I recently worked with a contractor who did some truly amazing work in my new home (new to me, but >100 years old).



And the Europeans cry...

Novice question
Power down the HUB

Means only the HE, non all the zigbee network, right?

Correct, just use the Hub's Settings menu to perform an orderly SHUTDOWN. After the LED turns RED, unplug the power adapter from the wall socket, and wait 20 minutes. Then plug the power supply back into the wall.

Note: The microUSB connection on the hub has been found to be a little fragile, and thus it is not recommended to stress that connection repeatedly.