Exit Delay on arm stay from keypad

I would like to have delayed arming on arm stay as my daughter leaves for work very early in the morning and there are still people in the house. is there a way to enable this like arm away?

Actually not, It's something that I would like too. Maybe @bravenel can take this in consideration.

I was about to say use RM in the mean time and find out it's not there for security keypad either. Request for this as well.

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Have been thinking about how hsm currently work works and how is like it to work. I use mode manager and presence sensors to determine mode. If no one is home change to away and Change mode based on time. Then the key pad partial and on buttons could just control arm/disarm.

Would it make sense to make the arm partial/all configurable so you could pick the mode or current mode. Setting to current would have the effect I'm looking for. Arm the system with delay or no delay. I don't want to change mode when arming. The mode would change to away if everyone leaves or be whatever mode it was in day/evening/night.