Exit Delay and Intrusion countdown

I've seen this topic many times on this board, but not in the past year or so. All I want to do is have a beeper sound (once every 2 seconds) during the delayed exit period and intrusion delay. I have a Konnected board the will support the beeper function.

The trigger for the delayed exit will be when HSM Arm Away has been initiated. The delayed intrusion trigger will be when 2 doors are opened. I'm a week in on writing the actions and could use some help on what this looks like.
Thanks in advance

I would recommend that you do this in Rule Machine.

For the first one:

Trigger: HSM Status Reports: Delayed Arming Away
Turn on Beeper
Wait for Event HSM Status Reports: Not: Delayed Arming Away
Turn off Beeper

For the Second One:
Trigger: Door 1 and Door 2 Open
Turn on Beeper
Wait for event: HSM Status Reports Disarmed
Turn off Beeper

Thanks. As for the "turn on" or Turn off" portions, I could find the correct action to turn off a device such as a beeper. If I chose Control Sounds, there is no open to control it on or off. What other action can control a beeper? Sorry for my ignorance.

Thank you

No worries!

I don’t have a Konnected board, but I would think that using “custom action” would work, though I can’t speak to what action from the list that will come up will work… You can try those that seem the most logical, or wait and see if someone else from the community has one of these and can provide specific details… :blush:

Thanks. Configuring a custom action wasn't that obvious. I'll wait for another experts suggestion. Thank you.

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