Existing Ecolink sensors 1093A

Does anyone know if I can get these to work with Hubitat? I talked my neighbor into a Konnected and Hubitat system. Just want to make sure there isn’t a bridge or something before we pull all of these down. Originally this was connected to an iWired alarm system.

They might if iWired didn’t lock them to their system somehow. Try factory resetting them or excluding them first.

I don't think so.

Those don't look like any of the zigbee or z-wave contact sensors that Ecolink makes. Ecolink also makes wireless contact sensors for security systems that use other wireless protocols at 300-400 MHz. The latter cannot be used with Hubitat.


Hi, thank you for your response. You are correct. These are 345 Mhz sensors from what I could find. I wanted to make sure before I told him a hard no. Thank you for confirming my suspicion.

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