Excluded attribute lightEffects size of attribute warn message

Okay, I have no clue how to find what attribute is causing this or how to stop it? I have looked into every dashboard I have and I am unable to locate any devices. Any tools i can use to find this

C-8 Platform Version

2023-11-08 10:40:20.231 PMwarnExcluded attribute lightEffects size of attribute > 1024 characters

Clicking the orange "warn" link will take you to the app in question, undoubtedly a Dashboard. You'll see this message even if the device isn't used on the Dashboard, just if if it's authorized for possible use, so the app (not the actual dashboard necessarily) is what you'd want to check. This is what would take you there.

You can really also just ignore this; it's an intentional resource-saving feature of Hubitat Dashboard that it ignores attributes with values longer than 1024 characters. This one apparently is for that device, but it's hard to imagine why you'd need this particular attribute on a Dashboard anyway (a custom attribute tile would really be the only way and would gain you practically nothing). If you don't want the device on the Dashboard at all, you can de-authorize it; otherwise, this is just letting you know.

Click on the "warn" icon in the log and it will open the app/device causing the error.

Thanks for the info, I have clicked on the warn it does take me to the dashboard but I am not able to locate which device is causing this and authorized for the dashboard/s. How do I find the device that is triggering the warn?

I suppose you'll have to look through any possible device, which from the attribute name would narrow it down to lights and likely just smart bulbs (or lightstrips, etc.). This would be from among the list you have authorized for that Dashboard, as you'd see in the app.

Though again, if you end up needing the "offending" device on Dashboard, there isn't really anything you can do. The message isn't any indication of harm, just an FYI. But if you don't, this will get rid of it.

@bertabcd1234 I found the device. It was a WLED device I deleted it from dashboard and warning is gone. Crazy thing is I had nine WLED devices setup and this was the only one doing this. But thank you for the help. I get it that the warn log is more informational but, it still drives me crazy to have it flagging like it was.