Exception to Water Alert valve close behavior

I have a LOT of water sensors after having 3 breaks in my water lines. Hubitat has 2 saves after the 1st leak.
I decided add more functions with a z-wave smoke detector. In testing the smoke alert I realized if there were a real fire and I started to spray a fire with water or extinguisher, if a water sensor were hit, my water would be shut off when I needed it the most. People with sprinklers may also have a problem too.
There should be an exception to the water shutoff rule that will not close the valve if there is a smoke alert. I didnt see that ability with the Saftey App.


I am thinking through this myself right now with my BRK relay that I have connected with an Ecolink z-wave contact sensor.

I've used Simple Automation to turn off the water. I plan on using a restriction switch for when the smokes are on. Perhaps add a couple of hours or so before the switch turns off. Have to use at least a couple of virtual switches, I'd think.

Good point I had not thought about that. I already had a switch setup as a way to quite the notifications I setup in case of a leak. I use RM for everything. If the rule is triggered by a leak it starts a number of alerts on our phones, flashing lights, announcing on Alexa, plus turn off the water. So I setup a switch that I can turn on to quite the alerts and stop the rule from retriggering.

I just set my smoker detector rule to turn on that switch.


RM is more powerful and flexible, for sure.
I did a lot of stuff before I got into RM, so a lot is "legacy", lol, SA.

My BRK activates only when smokes/co are alarming.
A lot of doomsday scenarios to think about.

At a minimum I'm turning on all the lights in the house when the alarms go off. Turning them off is manual.

Notifications too when they turn on, and turn off, in case of false alarm. Alas, SendMail isn't working for me for texts, so it's only Pushover for now.

I'm unclear what to do about leak detection's water turnoff. I also have a vacation mode water turnoff routine for watering plants. Have to think about it more.

I figure the vacation turnoff routine doesn't matter, since I won't be home.

I created a "1 hour Smokes Latch" virtual switch. It'll turn on when the smokes start alarming and turn off an hour after they stop. I'll use that as a restrictor switch for the leak detection.

I tested it, and everything seems to work.
The house lights up like a Christmas tree-turned off by a bedside Zen34, which can turn everything on as well.
Got notifications of smokes on and smokes off.
Got notification of a wet detector, and water valve didn't turn off.
Latch switch is on-I'll watch that it turns off in an hour.

I think I'm good to go. Til I'm not.

edit: Periodic testing of the smokes is a consideration.

Smoke and gasses fill a room a room in about 30 seconds in a real fire and are much more deadly than the fire. Most deaths are because of smoke inhalation. That got me thinking..
Que the MacGyver music.. I created a smoke/gas exhaust system using existing AC duct work.
If smoke is detected by the smoke detector it signals a Hubitat controller, the AC is turned off which turns off the HVAC air handler, all vents closed except around smoke detector which sensed smoke, the damper is opened and in duct fan is turned on to exhaust smoke and gasses through a connection to a dryer vent.
It works well for my wife's cooking that sets off the smoke detector... so it should provide time to escape or put out the fire without being overwhelmed. Commercial buildings and high rises have been required to evacuate smoke for many years.
If you watch this video link to see how quickly smoke fills a room, it should inspire you to think about adding this to your home too. Stop and drop that has been taught for a long time only works in the first few seconds.

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