Excellent paid support I got from Dan, at healytechnologies.com


I tried for days to figure why my Hub C-7 stopped functioning. I purchased a C-8 Hub assuming that my Hub C-7 was dead, which was not the case.

I got help from Dan Healy from dan@healytechnologies.com, and he figure out the issue, in less than 30 minutes.

I highly recommend his service.

Ardi Sassan


Thanks, Ardi, for the feedback. I'm glad we could get you all fixed up.

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There are no posts from you on the Hubitat community about this issue or any other. Is there a reason why you didn't approach the Hubitat Community for support?

Doing so would be the recommended route, and is free.

FWIW, as your post provides no feedback on the hub or the platform, I've moved it to the Lounge, where it is more appropriate.


I'd feel somewhat robbed but each to their own. I've not had an issue yet that someone on this forum has not been able to help with or solve completely. The community here has been so helpful since I started with Hubitat a few years ago. I've had:

  • Help with inclusion issues
  • Help with ghost removal and use of Z Wave controller
  • Questions answered on how things work so that it makes sense to me
  • Help with rule creation. Tips on how to make rules work better and examples
  • Direct contact with the excellent Hubitat staff
  • Apps that have been created free of charge following posts I made

When I post on here now, I've a good idea who will respond due to their specific knowledge/skillset and with what I've learned from other community members I'm sometimes able to help other newbies myself.

It's fair to say I prefer to use the community exclusively for support. I visit and browse daily, learning something new most days.


Feeling robbed seems to be an overstatement. - I'm also a DIY sort of person, and I agree half the fun is learning the technology (For most, Home Automation is basically a technical hobby). - Going deep into Matter has consumed a bunch of my reading time over the holidays.

That all said, I can completely understand the need/desire for paid, on-site technical support as an option (and potentially training). Especially for someone not in a technical field, working full time with kids, and doesn't have time to deal with "all the details", and just wants some automation to work. - Having someone come and solve your problem for you seems like a great OPTION to me, and will just further allow folks of different skill levels to "jump into the HE pool", with a lower starting barrier.

It really sounds like a "franchising opportunity" for HE to have "certified companys / groups" in the field to facilitate paid support - PLEASE don't make that the ONLY option, or we're back to Control 4 again - but sometimes the learning curve is a bit intimating. I came from SmartThings (like most of the players here), work in the factory automation fields, with a graduate degree in computer science, and I initially struggled getting my Z-Wave mesh stable, sorting out S0, S2 security, and moving things from SmartThings. The bit about Z-wave ghosts, getting a Z-stick, and dealing with the Simplicity tool was nearly enough for me to toss in the towel, as none of that was exposed to me in ST.

I'm very happy with my system now, Z-Wave+, Zibgee, and Matter devices, all playing nicely, and even the WAF is getting higher as I continue to add automations in RM. That said, having a paid support option, for users that want it, and just don't have time or interest for the learning curve, is, IMHO, still a good option for those that are willing to pay for it, and still gets more HE out in the field, and more sales dollars to Hubitat.

So Home Automation is a big pool, and with Google, Amazon, Apple getting in, doing anything that helps Hubitat grow, as a company, is fine by me. - Various options, for various needs, are always a good thing - but absolutely, most folks don't have time to daily visit & browse forums.

Just my 2 cents



Looks as if the guy makes various apps and has been in the community for a fair while. Can totally understand the need for a phonecall and a bit of remote admin to set some stuff up.

The community is incredibly helpful. But posting a comment and waiting for replies isn't always the best way to get things done. Especially for those who are less techy.

There's always the danger of this kind of thing becoming a little 'snobby'. Less techy = gives up and pops off to buy an alexa.


I am torn... and perhaps a little confused....

I am as much an advocate for the Community as the next addict regular, but that doesn't mean I would discourage owners of a hub from seeking help through other avenues aside from the Community, whether they be commercially driven or otherwise. Many of us are quick to show our appreciation for those acknowledging the contributions by other Community members in helping each other, why is this any different...?

More broadly, should we be critical of those posting YouTube clips of those providing subsidised reviews of Hubitat, or those posting deals for Hubitat hubs through third-party vendors? i.e. those seeking to make a commercial gain from Hubitat's products?


The only issue I have is that there are absolutely zero posts from the OP anywhere.

Hard therefore to see it as anything other than a deliberate advert masquerading as a "thank you" post for a service that community members would otherwise be unaware of. I certainly wouldn't have known, and I'm on here daily. I'm not saying it is, but it would be easy to accuse of this.

This forum is paid for and maintained by the staff here. Effectively, this could be seen as advertising a paid service but using hubitat resources to do so. But as there is (openly) no similar service provided by the staff/company, then the question would be "who cares".

Basically, if the staff don't mind, then I guess no-one else should either. The mild potential would be that the standard edition 'helpful' posters may take the opinion that they're giving advice etc for nothing, so why should someone be able to advertise and profit from doing the same. The argument to that would be that phone support, radmin etc is kind of outside of the usual offers of help from the awesome community members here. And, it's an isolated instance of an individual doing this.

All in all, I could only see this being an issue if the floodgates opened and allowed multiple companies to do the same. In which case I'm sure the team would crack down on it in the same way the "paid apps" were handled.

Summary: helpful IMO, and rather niche. No issue.

/ opinion


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