Excel tool for Z-Wave data display

If anyone is interested, I've written a Excel VBA module that reads the values from the Z-Wave Details table and displays it using device names. It's handy for visualizing how devices are routed in your home.


Yes, I am interested :slight_smile: When I was on Vera í liked being able to view the routes to see how I could improve my mesh. I have moved some stuff around recently so I would be interested in your file and a description of methodology.

This sounds very interesting, is it also able to read Zigbee data ?

Nice work. Please shoot me the link.
Thank You

Yes I would also be interested.

I am interested too.

Also Interested, Thanks

No because all my devices are Z-Wave. If you try the utility let me know if you want to send me a Zigbee table and I'll run something up for that as well. Or you can just wait until I have some Zigbee devices, whenever that happens.

Thanks for sending the file over Andy. I ran through the instructions, but I did not really get the overview as epected, or shown by you in the screenshot. I don´t know if it matters, but I am on the C4 hub with the external Z-Wave stick. Perhaps the z-wave details are different ? Here is a screenshot of what I see:

As you can see, there are no repair/refresh buttons, so one time copy works for me. The Macro runs through the data but only creates mostly empty columns with the correct headers.

What are your thoughts ?

Oops. I've discovered that it only works with the C7. In my defense, I just came aboard with a C7.

No worries, would have been nice to see this :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me test it.