eWeLink (Hibro) zigbee smart plug issues

Purchased this smart plug from Amazon a couple weeks ago. Had no problem adding it to my existing Hubitat devices. Used the generic zigbee plug driver. Everything appeared to be working OK but ... NOT REALLY. 1st mistake was connecting it to one of my wife's favorite lamps. I had a motion sensor already setup to turn on a small desk lamp and thought I would just add this lamp to the routine. I was getting intermittent success (which means a failure for the boss). I moved the plug to a test lamp in same room as me so I could observe it's behavior. I had created a tile for the plug in my dashboard. I can click on the tile and turn it off and on most of the time, ocassioonally it will say SENDING and won't work. Strange thing if I go to the Devices list and choose it there, it appears to be more responsive and works a much higher percentage of the time!!! I tried deleting the tile and adding it back but that didn't help. If I click it ON/OFF several times in succession, it will soon say SENDING... and may or may not work. Any ideas, please help.

I'm guessing it was cheap. With some of these cheap Chinese devices you frankly get what you pay for in my experience. One thing you could try is to create a separate virtual device and place that on your dashboard, then write a couple of little RM routines which ping the device with the on or off command a few times with a short delay when the virtual switch is activated. Similar to what others are doing with problematic locks. Not an ideal solution I know but it may raise the probability of success. A better option would be to purchase a plug on the supported devices list (I'm assuming this one is not).

Agreed, it can just be an unreliable device. I use the IKEA Trådfri as repeaters only, but when I've tried them as switches, the two that I have don't always respond right away, or at all. They work just fine as repeaters though.

If you have lightbulbs on your Zigbee mesh, this can be the issue too. Keep Zigbee bulbs on their own network, otherwise you'll get unreliable results with devices that are not lightbulbs.