Everything Smart Home releasing presence/PIR/temp/light sensor

This sensor looks amazing, and he’s getting ready to sell this to the general public as a ready made product. Who wants to develop a driver for this sensor for Hubitat? :grin:

It would be nice to have a multi-sensor that includes mm-wave.

But 65 GBP = 77 USD (not including shipping). It’s not in production yet, they haven’t designed the case, and we have yet to see if they can handle the logistics of manufacturing and distributing worldwide.

Seems like there are a few steps to go before anyone can create a Hubitat driver for it.


Did I read it wrong or did it say Bluetooth? Doesn't look like it's for us.

I assume “Bluetooth tracking” means it’ll function like an iBeacon; come near it with your phone and it can register your presence that way.

It has an ESP32 so it probably connects to a LAN with WiFi.

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Ahhh thanks for clarifying.

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I wish him the best, but I’m skeptical that this will work out for more than a few dozen, or perhaps a few hundred people, worldwide.

Thank you for stepping up to develop the driver and beta testing this device when it comes out on hubitat

Anything for the team.

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It’s up for pre-order now