Every thing shutting down

6 times now this has happend.

Corrupt database found

Hub cannot continue. To fix a corrupt database, the hub needs a soft reset followed by a database restore.

Its been running fine for the past year. I am going to have to remove the hub. When this happens it turns over everything.

Anyone having the same problem?

I am going to remove the hub tomorrow becuase i losing power.



Try to fix ix it "No response from hub" {"error":true,"type":"AppException","message":"Not Found"} 500 Internal Server Error


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That's terrible. I am sure is very frustrating. Performing a Soft Reset and restoring a backup helps you bring the hub back online, but if the same issue that caused the database to become corrupted persists, then is just a matter of time before the database gets corrupted again. The best way to identify what might be causing the problem is to screen the logs for errors after the Soft Reset is completed. If you need help identifying the root cause, you could send me a private message and I'd be glad to take a look at your hub's engineering logs, assuming the hub is connected to the cloud.

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Thanks for your feedback, This has taken out a house. I use the trip switches to turn the power on. When it went in to "Corrupt database found" it turned every thing off. At the time of "Corrupt database found" i can see a reqest for a update.

The house it was install at they are not happy with me its only been in for 3 months. Tomorrow they have lost 100% of the control of there home. FK. Its ok becuase in going there tomorrow ;to fix/replace it.

Soft Reset and restoring a backup? How do i get to the backups?



How do i and what happens if i do a soft reset.

Note when i click on soft reset i get {"error":true,"type":"AppException","message":"Not Found"}

I have to get to the house at 6am because i will have to flick the switches for the automation lol. All the fridges and freezers are off

From what I can gather, trip switches in the UK are probably what we call circuit breakers in the US.

You have a Hubitat hub controlling the house’s trip switches?

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That would seem to be a very half-baked idea, as we see below.

Why would you put vital things like a fridge and freezer on a smart "trip switch"? So many things can go wrong with that!

A soft reset will wipe the database, and restore a backup. This cleans any corruption from the database. It does not wipe out any radios (Z-wave or Zigbee) so you will not lose any of that information. Once the backup is restored, things should be exactly as they were (without the corruption).

My question is why the corruption happened in the first place. Is the Hubitat also being power cycled without doing a shutdown from the Settings menu? Is there some automation or device run amok? Other?

Your internet browser is probably forcing HTTPS. If you allow HTTP it should work fine.


When the error happened 90% of the switch turned off the rest stayed on. The Main switch it turned off was the switch on the invertor. I managed to get back in and I did a restore before the latest update then ran the update again its now working.

Its a off grid house.

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