Ever feel that you are spinning in circles?

I had an issue this morning where a zooz zen25 double plug was not responding. Unplugged & re-plugged and it was flashing like it had been reset. A few different weird things happened yesterday like half of my echo's going offline, a zigbee button stopped working .... possibly aplha particles ....

Anyway, factory reset the zen25, reincluded it w/o security, minimized power reporting (including setting parameter 18 = 1) and all is good again.

Popped back into my zwave details page and I see this ...

Nothing wrong with that, really. It might change/correct/improve after the nightly maintenance window though. Or you can do a manual repair now if it really bothers you.


I just hit refresh on the page - i did run a repair on 0x06 ten mins ago and things are right in my world again

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Again, it really isn't a big deal either way. Yes, direct is better than taking hops - but a single hop isn't uncommon or a big deal.

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lol - it just seems a little weird to me

Mesh routing is always weird.

As the hub only does zwave mesh maintenance 1x/day (on the C7 at least), looking at it immediately after pairing/re-pairing will often yield weird results.

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Yeah I know better. Yes this is on a C7 and typically don't spend a lot of time on this page unless something isn't behaving. I confess I also opened the Mesh Details app as well :wink:

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While routing choices on the C7 are better than they have ever been (in my experience anyway), zwave still does some wacky things with routing that aren't explainable without more data and understanding of the exact routing algorithm.

And who has time for that? :stuck_out_tongue:

And no worries! I don't think it is that abnormal to look at the zwave details page before/after/during doing maintenance on device at all! (Not that you need my approval in the 1st place.... haha)

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