Event History - How to remove older history

I am leveraging the new auto purge settings to remove device event history. All devices is currently set to 100 across my 4 hubs. But this said, it is not removing all history and I have some event history from prior to enabling this feature and dates vary depending on how old the hub is. My zigbee hub for example has some history for one device dating back to 06/06/2019.

Seems there is an issue with the auto purge @gopher.ny

I've seen the same thing. Some old entries seem to linger forever.

Where is this to be found?

I believe this is per attribute, not total per device. Could that explain the older entries you see?

Each device has settings in the Device Information Setting. Event History Size.

There are also global settings too that @bertabcd1234 mentions here:
UI to set max device states and events? - #2 by bertabcd1234

Hum I didn’t realize it was per attribute so that might explain it. But I have huge gaps in timeframe which prompted me to create this topic. But you are probably right about per attribute. Thanks!


There are two new endpoints in 2.2.7:


...where 30 is an example. Valid values are 7-365, and default is 365. So those events from 2019 should be gone once the hub is running 2.2.7. Corresponding "read" endpoints are

/hub/advanced/maxDeviceStateAgeDays and


@gopher.ny I upgraded to 2.2.7 this morning and confirm that the oldest event on the zigbee device I mentioned in the OP is 5/13/2020. Thanks for this!

@oldcomputerwiz FYI...