Event Engine - How are directional conditions reversed

@bptworld love the setup of your apps and appreciate the hard work and care that obviously goes into them. I have a quick question/issue on the directional conditions in EE.

The problem with this condition specifically (and separately, humidity setpoint > humidity direction) is I don’t see any option or explanatory text about reversal options like I would when a different condition is used.

My understanding is that the reversal of a cog does the same action, just in reverse, but I’m not sure what to expect with this cog and what, if anything, will trigger the reverse.


I’d like things to happen when someone comes down the stairs (eg. Stairwell motion, then downstairs motion; right) then have something else happen when someone goes back up the stairs.

Can this be accomplished with 1 cog or do I need to make a second for the upstairs direction? Also good to take into consideration that I’d like something different to happen on the reverse (going upstairs).

Thanks for any help!

Reverse isn't based on conditions. It's not a 'if then else' type of thing. Reverse simply puts the lighting back to the way it was before the conditions became true.

So you would need a new Cog for each set of conditions.

Hope this helps

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