Event-capable smart switch recommendation

Most of the smart switches I've seen are designed to accept commands, where they are the action of a rule triggered by some sensor. What I would like are some smart switches which are capable of sending an event to my Hubitat when the switch is toggled. I have successfully used TP-Link WiFi switches with an app on the Hubitat, but it is less than ideal. It works by polling the switches for their state at an interval, however there is a very noticeable delay due to the polling interval.

A more reasonable design would be a smart switch that can be configured to inform an arbitrary web server, and an app on the Hubitat which can accept that message just like it must from other event-providing sensors etc. This would let the Hubitat react immediately, and avoid the overhead and delay of the polling model.

Can anyone suggest such a device?

I would prefer one that can be wired into a wall and look like a "normal" switch.


Do you mean all Z-wave smart switches? Because I feel certain that my TP-Link WiFi (Kasa HS200) switch cannot be configured to report to the Hubitat when it is toggled.

I see. Well that's great news! Thank you very much!

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