Even after adding Z-wave antenna and what appears to be a good mesh - some devices are wonky

So I installed a Z-wave external antenna and increased my direct count from 4 devices to 26 devices. Pretty much everything runs at 100kbps. No zombies. The devices with the most route changes are some of the closest switches.

I have defined a group called sunset lights and want these to turn on around sunset. Many of them do there are problem ones like Fireplace Lights, and Family Room Backlight, and Bedroom Backlight and sometimes some others that require me to either manually or Alexa them on.

I do have things like "Command Mixed Devices", Metering of 50 msecs enabled and on/off/optimization disabled.


You could up the metering to 100msecs and see if that helps. It’s the first time that I see a Z-Wave mesh with all devices at 100kbs!

There is an app from @bravenel that I use to shut off the lights before going to bed. It might help… I would link it here, but can’t seem to find the post… Hopefully someone else is better at searching than I am and can find it…

Thanks I will give it a try. As a side question to all readers other than features has anybody noticed whether Inovelli Black/Red are more Z-wave reliable then Leviton DZ6HDs?

I have a 4 gang box with all DZ6HDs and it is within 10 feet of the hub and yet two of them have a lot of route changes.

The bedroom backlight has a direct connection less than a couple of feet from the hub. It is an RGBGenie Driver Dimmer and seems to get fail turning on as well. Turn off seem to be less of a problem.

If I remember correctly, the Inovelli switches have their antenna in the front, under the switch. This makes them work much better in metal enclosures. Not sure about the Leviton.

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