Evemotion Matter Shades / Do I Need a Thread Border Router?

I'm a total newbie to Matter/Thread, so this may be a dumb question...

I am currently shopping for motorized shades. About a year ago I installed a number of Bali Z-wave (Somfy motor) shades in my second home, and I'm very happy with them and how well they're working with Hubitat. However, in my primary home, all the windows are too large for the Bali shades, so I'm having to look at alternatives, one of which is EveMotion Shades which, I understand, offer smarthome integration with Matter.

The EveMotion site seems to indicate a requirement that I have Thread Border Router to enable the Thread protocol in order for my HA hub to communicate with the shades, which I'm assuming would be an Apple HomePod or AppleTV, etc. However, when I look at the December Hubitat release notes, they indicate device support for EveMotion Matter Shades, which would lead me to believe (somewhat hopefully) that I can directly add EveMotion shades to my Hubitat without needing another device (i.e. a TBR) in my network.

Is that the case? Can I simply include EveMotion shades directly into my Hubitat network? Or do I need a separate Thread Border Router?

If the devices are Matter over Thread (as opposed to Matter over Wi-Fi -- the main alternative -- or something else that can work directly with your hub, like a wired Ethernet device), you'd need a Thread Border Router. Looking at the product description for the Eve MotionBlinds, they appear to be Thread, confirming the need for a TBR. As you mention, a recent Apple TV or HomePod could fulfil these duties.

For more, see: How to use Matter on Hubitat Elevation | Hubitat Documentation

Thank you @bertabcd1234 . I've researched a bit more since posting my inquiry, and now realize that some Amazon Echo products are TBRs. I already have Echos in my ecosystem for voice control, so I won't need to acquire an extra/new device as a TBR - I'm covered.

Now, I just need to make a decision on the shades. If anyone out there already utilizes EveMotion motorized shades (roller shades, in particular), and would share their experiences, I'd appreciate it. I'm very interested in the sound level of the EveMotion shades.

I've always found my Bali (Somfy z-wave) shades rather loud. Recently, I had to do a warranty replacement for one of them - the motor stopped retaining it's top & bottom setpoints - and the replacement I received was a newer-generation motor, which is significantly quieter (and moves just a tiny bit slower) than the older versions. I'm now struggling with the [expensive] temptation to replace all the other shades just to get the newer/quieter motors (the new motors unfortunately don't fit into the older shade rollers, so I'd have to get entirely new shades).