European Heating (TRV) support options?

I don't think so. The valve works perfectly with the Spirit TRV and the mecanical TRV.

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Fair enough. I would say that the actuator on the Shelly might not push the pin fully in on your valve but if it only happens sometimes that would be unusual.

3 years.


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Yes, I tried to place a small piece of plastic between the pin and the head of the Shelly, but then it shows an error. I also have set the extra force on and calibrated multiple times. It seems to work perfectly for hours, but then at some point the valve stays open. The weird thing is that, even setting heating to off, does not close it. It happens from time to time (once a month) that a spirit gets stuck (mainly the newer ones) but after taking out a battery and restarting it, it works again. This isn't an option for the Shelly, and the Shelly gets stuck after hours.

Have you talked to the shelly people about this???

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My daughter lives in Belgium. I'm going there to add some smart systems (you obviously know which one). In the meantime, she's installed a Buderus Logamax GB162 boiler (Buderus is now owned by Bosch). Next step? Add [compatible] TRVs.
Radiators are Radson brand (M28 and M30 heads)
@kkossev and others, what's your opinion on these? The SonOff, the Bosch (the second generation is now Zigbee 3.0), or others?
What will be the best TRV for Hubitat?

I have not found the best TRV yet, still searching…

Konnected, nodemcu, dht22, and one of these:


Actuator for underfloor Heating 230 V incl. Adapter VA10, Normally Closed, M30x1.5mm

Cost through the floor, reliability through the roof.

Bosch TRV seems very interesting- it’s specifications include everything that I am looking for :

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Unfortunately, this won't work with Hubitat because the lack of support for Zigbee install codes.

I opened a feature request about this a while back, but yeah... you know how staff responds to these these things: complete silence and you might get it in the release next week, or you might get it in 5 years :rofl:

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Excluding the Bosch, next TRV that is full-featured and is not a cheap Tuya device is the POPP TRV : (it already has a custom driver for HE)

For a future reference : Danfoss Ally TRV working with remote temp sensor

@PPz the problem with the Sonoff TRVZB automatic reporting was resolved. These are very cheap compared to other (non-Tuya) TRVs, but the performance seems good enough for the price.

I just purchased one unit as a test. Will receive it (in Belgium) next week. I'll be able then to test the unit on my daughter's C-7
Thank you in advance !

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