Eufy video from doorbell to dashboard doable?

Is this doable? I haven't found much on it in the forums.

I can't say for sure but I don't think Eufy supports rtsp. At least I believe that's what I remember. Same with blink, ring, basically most doorbells.

I do know Amcrest works, not sure how directly because I use it through blue Iris.

You can drop the app into your dashboard, but you would have to open it to see the cameras, but it's better than nothing considering how much real estate it takes on a dashboard.

Example here's what I did on my fire tv, the cams are much smaller on my dashboard but it still causes space issues. In fact I removed most of the smart home stuff on the fire tv cause who needs it really.

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On Sharptools I believe I routed it to tinycam when I was playing with it.

Via http or rtsp? I use Xeoma right now for my NVR and existing ip cams are streamed to dashboard.