Eufy Securiity Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi

As both @kwclarke710 and I have reported, this is a really nice lock! I now have two of them, and will likely end up with two more.

Not only does it have a fingerprint sensor, it has a slick touch keypad. WI-Fi is built in now, so you can lock and unlock it from anywhere in the world. It uses a rechargeable battery pack that neatly snaps in. The fingerprint reader is not yet 100% accurate, but eufy support says they are working on firmware to improve it. If I touch the fingerprint reader and get a red light, I just slide my finger down to the touch keypad. We have five access codes installed (it will store 100 of them, along with 50 fingerprints). If you forget your code there's a key. If you forgot your key there's the phone app.

Installation is a snap. They claim 30 minutes using only a screwdriver. I wasn't quite that fortunate, but it was a breeze compared to my Schlage lock. They've thought of everything. It doesn't matter if your backset is 2 3/8" or 2 3/4". It doesn't matter if your cross bore diameter is 1 1/2" or 2 1/8".

The parts are organized beautifully, with everything needed for each step clearly visible. This is a look in the box after the lock itself was removed:

So, what's my beef?


Can't put it on a dashboard for lock/unlock status, or view the battery level.

Begging one of you smart fellows (you know who you are!) to create a driver for this lock. I contacted eufy to see if they would be releasing something. The answer was "it works with Alexa". I take that as a "no".


There’s no API published by Anker/Eufy. And the Home Assistant folks haven’t reverse engineered one yet.

Your best solution maybe to integrate this into Hubitat using virtual sensors and Alexa routines.


Thanks for the info and your insight.

When I wrote eufy, I listed the lock manufacturers that were supported by Hubitat. I thought they would realize it would expand their market if they joined in,

I would have never thought to use Alexa routines! Thanks for that. Should be able to get lock status, but probably not battery level.

I was able to use Alexa routines to get the lock status on my dashboards. The lock can also report jams.

It looks like Amazon got the API somehow.

Thanks again,

That's not how it works. Eufy wrote that integration (skill) for Amazon!

I guess when the 1000 pound gorilla is hungry, you feed it.

We're you able to get any controls to work? When I looked, it seemed that Echo routines could perform a lock, but not an unlock. Is this the same as you have found?

Jason - no problem with unlocking. You do have to set up a voice passcode in the Alexa app. This prevents someone from yelling "unlock the door" through an open window.

I'm happy with the locks.

Hmm this just went on sale for $130, tempting for the back door lock where I have a generic lock that eats batteries.

That's a good price!

That model doesn't have the rechargeable pack; it uses 4 AA's.

@silvermanstan I am wondering how you manage that. I tried to use virtual lock but it does not work. I am wondering how did you manage to get all the status on the hubitat dashboard. Thanks in advance

Oh my! You would have to ask me to figure out how I did something a few months ago!

I'm using Sharptools dashboards rather than Hubitat, but the approach shouild be similar.

It looks like I'm using two virtual switches per lock. In case of the side door, they are Vside Open and Vside Closed. (I don't spend a lot of time trying to figure the most clever way of doing things: getting something to work is my objective!)

The Alexa routines control the virtual switches: for example:

The Sharptools rule looks like this: (I hope it's readable).

I hope this helps - but let me know if not.

@silvermanstan thank you much. I tired it with virtual lock but it did not work. I thought about using vitual switch also but I was not sure. Again really appreciated the screenshot and the ideal.

@silvermanstan Thank you so much for this! :star_struck:
I've replicated it on my side and added a step further by creating a rule on Alexa so I can lock the door from the dashboard.