Eufy driver adding, not replacing attribute values

My ioBroker driver for controlling Eufy HomeBase cameras is updating by adding new attributes with the same name rather than replacing the values of attributes I declared. My code and screenshot attached.


If you refresh the screen are the multiples still there?

I am able to replicate this problem in a minimal driver if I use spaces in the attribute name. I'm not aware of anything saying this is strictly forbidden, but it is definitely non-conventional; convention is to use camel casing starting with a lowercase letter, like thermostatOperatingState or colorMode. I would suggest using attribute names like that instead for this reason alone.

However, I'm still not sure that what you're seeing should actually be happening, and I did not test whether it was just a display issue or if the underlying event creation (and apps that may subscribe, etc.) were affected. My hunch is that it might just be a display issue in the browser; the duplicates disappeared when I refreshed the page, as @thebearmay asked.

Guessing @gopher.ny might be the person to ask for this.

Minimal test driver:

This demonstrates the issue above; to "fix," replace instances of my attribute with myAttribute (or similar).

metadata {
	definition (name: "Test Driver with Custom Attribute", namespace: "Test", author: "Test") {
		capability "Actuator"
        attribute "my attribute", "STRING"
        command "setTheAttribute", ["STRING"]

void setTheAttribute(String value) {
    log.debug "Setting 'my attribute' to: $value"
    sendEvent(name: "my attribute", value: "$value")

void installed() {}

void updated() {}
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Thanks @bertabcd1234 !! Changing my attributes to camel case solved the problem!

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