EU/UK C5 Z-Wave Failing

I have a C5 Hub which uses an OTG dongle to connect a UZB-7 Z-Wave Controller (as originally supplied) instead of the built in US frequency Z-Wave Controller.

However, the Z-Wave network keeps dying and seems to revert back to the built-in stick, which has no devices on it.

The Z-Wave network stays alive for about half an hour before failing, which makes me think that either the Z-Wave Stick is the problem or the C5 hub itself with some kind of bug. It's been happening now for a while and across different update versions and currently on most up-to date software.

Would you recommend chaging the Z-Wave stick, and if so, what other z-Wave sticks are compatible via OTG on the C5 (from a driver point) or is there any other suggestions?



I've just tried using Simplicity Studio 4 to remove devices (incase it's a ghost problem), and it seems the stick itself works on that because I can control the devices through the debugger (don't need to add a different stick to network, as already paired) - Currently rebooting hub and I'll see if it settles at all.

I've so far semi-followed this guide on Simplicity Studio 4

I've checked all devices are 'alive' and responding. I'll check back in the morning.

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Did you find any ghosts or stranded devices?

Hi Rebecca, I had the same problems as you with caldav ect ect, now I have best of 3 worlds, I brought a mini pc, install Home Assistant (all over youtube now to do this) as a generic x86-65, once running installed node red as an add on, linked hubitat to Home Assistant as an integration to control devices, now have caldav mqtt google bridge ect ect, so what I can't do on Hubitat I can do on either Home Assistant or Node Red, have the C5 too, RPi will run very slow, tried it.

Sorry to hear that. To be honest, if you'd like to save time and effort, I would recommend updating the hub to C7, so you can take advantage of the built-in radio. Using an external radio, will always add an extra point of failure. Plus the C7 hub offers additional tools that could help you narrow down if the problem is caused by devices within your mesh - something that you just cannot do with C5.


While I understand the sentiment, that not financially viable.

Having removed some devices that may be causing issued, the network seems to be holding up at the moment and hasn't crashed in the last 3 days. I've got a few devices to re-add, but I'm going to do it slowly to identify naughty devices. At least I know I can just unplug the stick and plug into my computer to kill any device off if it malfunctions.


Second hand hp G3 are from about £50, I paid a bit more as I got the G4, but it's gives you the freedom to have a very fast and stable system, with Hubitat as your main device driver. I haven't had a crash in months using this system. Just thought as you were thinking of upgrading to the C7 this could be more helpful than spending £100+, when you don't need too.

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