Eternal Update

How long is it supposed to take to complete an update assuming a fast broadband connection?

I've been stuck on Hubitat extraction for the last 4 hours. Hubitat is not responsive. Is it supposed to take this long?

How can I safely stop this?

What’s the LED color?

Can you access it on port 8081?

It's green, and yes when I go the static IP assigned to it with port 8081, I get the "Hubitat Diagnostic Tool" screen/menu

Reboot from the diagnostic menu

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OK, done. Weird, when I did this I got this new "How to use Hubitat" set of screens. But at least it's not eternally updating anymore. How long is an update supposed to take?

Whoa WTF? All my dashboards and devices are gone????

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Restore from a backup. It’ll be fine. The database must have been corrupt and needs to be restored.

Whatever you do, do NOT perform a full reset!

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OK, got it. I think it's uploading the file. Still not sure what happened.

This is the screen I got...

It says no files found, and something about how file name cannot include certain characters, but it still says "Uploading, please wait...." and there is no status bar.

It seems to be taking a while... it is normal to take so long to upload the file?

Wait. Use the Hubitat documentation to see how to perform a Soft Reset. That’s how a database is restored.

Here’s the link:

Here’s How you restore from a backup:

that's pretty much what I did, except I had to select the file instead of getting a long list of files. I downloaded the backup before I started the update process. It still seems stuck on the uploading file part. How long is it supposed to take?

Should be quick. The thing that concerns me is that the last time you had a screenshot of Hub Local File Manager. That's not the right place to upload the backup.

ugh. stupid me. You're right. I think the two links were right next to each other.

Correct. You need Backup and Restore. Not File Manager.

OK, now I"m getting the familiar hub rebooting screen, so I think we're good. Hope I didn't just jinx myself by saying that... anyway, wonder why the update failed? Does it mean there is a problem or does this just happen sometimes?