Esp mesh testing

to my knowledge this is the first working integration with espmesh/painlessmesh which is a mesh protocol pretty sure everyone here know what that is. it works with esp32s and esp8266s and i decided to make a program for it because of how cheaply you can buy esps online and mak emy own devices.

The first picture is what i have working right now its a simple relay+microcontroler combo that i bought of of aliexpress for about 2 dollars and the second is a esp8266 and a esp32 that act as a bridge between hubitat and painlessmesh.
right now its just one way communication but i think it will be pretty easy for me to add the ability to talk both ways

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now ive done some more testing and managed to get a display working this is also an aliexpress special for around 5 dollars im thinking that this would look great as a remote with a menu or similar, this also shows off the queue system i have for it meaning if i try to run too many commands at the same time they get run in a queue and not lost right now ive set it to very slow but i will raise the speed alot just doing low speed for debugging