ESP Home Garage Door not showing up in HomeKit

I found something very odd today. I have a RATGDO garage door opener device that uses the Garage Door ESPHome driver:

I was attempting to add it to HomeKit, but even after toggling the “HomeKit Enabled”, it doesn’t show anywhere in the HomeKit Inegration app (Neither under “Garage Door Controller” or under “Ignored Devices”, “Incompatible Devices” or any other category…)

So, I’m at a loss… The driver seems to have all the necessary attributes, but there is likely something else that I should be looking for but haven’t…

Anyone have any ideas?

I added

        capability 'Contact Sensor'
        capability 'Switch'

and then it showed up in the Integration.

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Ha! Yup, that did it for me too! The little things make a big difference…

Thank you @csteele!

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That's not enough though, those things should have been fleshed out. You'll get errors trying to run it because although it now says it has a switch capability, there's no On or Off to respond. They are aliases to Open and Closed I suspect, but I didn't try touching the code since I'd have nothing to test with.

Oh? It did work, but I didn’t check for errors. Will do that.