ESP Easy support?

I'm trying to migrate my old Domoticz server to Hubitat. Most things are running fine, but I wonder if anyone tried to communicate with ESP Easy devices? They work great with Domoticz, but I can't find any examples for Hubitat.

I guess the best way to go is via MQTT?

Any advice how to get started?


It should be possible to control them using commands from Rules or if someone wanted to make a more specific driver to do more with them. But if you just want to send them commands over HTTP then I would recommend setting up a few Rules to send the commands you are interested in to the devices in question.

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Thank you for your response!

I think It is easy to control a relay or similar from Hubitat to ESP Easy via a http request. My main goal is to read sensor data from Esp Easy. I use moisture sensors to remind me when to water my plants, so I want EspEasy to send data to Hubitat and trigger a rule when I need to add water.


I would assume that could work but I am not familiar with it.

I thought you might be interested in data from them, not just sending commands. That could be done with a custom driver I assume.