Escea Fireplace integration

Hi all,

just wondering if anyone is interested in developing a driver for Escea fireplaces?
There is an existing Control4 driver: Escea Fireplace — chowmain which I found through this place:
Controlling a gas fireplace - General Control4 Discussion - c4forums | The Control4 Community
Not interested in c4 of course since my HE rules the roost :wink:

I already have a zigbee dry contact relay installed in line with the fireplace so currently I'm able to turn the fireplace on/off via HE, but would be great if I could have full control in the way the RF remote or Escea Android app allows.
This would allow me to also control the settemp, fan speed and flame intensity, not just on/off.

Any ideas, thoughts are welcome!

I've also just found there is a homebridge/homekit Python based integration:

It contains the specifications for the interface and further information on the Escea controller's network communications

Take a look at the BOND controller... very handy device. IP>RF interface. Of course there are lots of reasons NOT to automate a fireplace, but the BOND does a nice job. Also works with ceiling fans and other devices with an RF remote.

Hey Brad, I've already got the Broadlink RM Pro which is similar to the Bond and has RF/IR learning capability but I think the RF remote for my fireplace must fall outside of its frequency range as it's not learning any of the commands :disappointed:

Bummer. Check the BOND website. You can enter the FCC ID off the back of your remote and it will tell you whether it's compatible. I believe it will support anything in the ~433mhz range.