Errors with "Tuya zigbee scene switch" built in driver

I have a 4 button Loratap zigbee battery powered remote using the "Tuya zigbee scene switch" driver. Seems to work for the single and double tap for the buttons. In the logs I'm getting some errors. They do't seem t be impacting the usage of the device, but I wanted to report it in case it's related to any updates. I could not say for sure when this started happening. I've also only had this device connected a week or two. I'm on on a C8.



The error in the logs is a result from a scheduled job from the custom TS004F driver.

You can use the HE built in ‘Device’ driver to clear the scheduled tasks and the state variables, before you switch to the HE stock Tuya Scene Switch driver.

Thanks. I switched to the Device driver and deleted the scheduled jobs. I switched back.

I would not have guessed that kind of thing can happen, but it seems like there is a bit of tribal knowledge on how some of this stuff works. I appreciate the speedy response.

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