Errors on 2.1.6 Update on Group 2.0 Devices in Logs

@bravenel @mike.maxwell

I haven't figured out yet what is causing this but I'm seeing the following errors since 2.1.6 update:

This is on one of my Group 2.0 devices I've had created for over a year. Below is the configuration of this device having these errors but seems to work so far from what I can tell.

What's odd is when looking at the timestamps, I'm not seeing this group device is being controlled during the times of the errors:

My thinking is it's related to the setting to indicate when members are on but not 100% sure. I'm seeing this on all 3 of my hubs so far, when I deleted and created Group 2.1 devices I haven't seen any errors so far on those devices.

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I will look into this....