Errors in Logs

Hey Everyone,

I get 2 2 errors in my logs almost constantly

  1. Error occured with UDP message: SocketTimeoutException: Receive timed out --> Related to LIFX Lights

  2. -> Translating 3:3 to HE high --> Related to Bond Bridge Integration

A Screenshot with a few minutes of errors can be seen below.

Are these errors natural/normal or something is malfunctioning here? Should it be fixed or is it ok to remain as is?

Worth noting that after the latest update my hubitat is not working correctly (still gathering data to make another post) - so could this be related to it?

That would tell me that it cannot communicate with the LAN devices (assuming the LIFX bulbs use Wi-Fi).

In terms of your Bond Bridge, can you connect to it through the app on your phone? Actually, I expect that is actually working from you HE hub? Reading back through the logs and your comments....?

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What @sburke781 said. Your light has a poor wifi signal and is dropping off the network constantly. Usually this is due to positioning (bulb in a metal enclosure) or lack of signal range especially if the light is well away from your access point. Easy way to test is to see whether you get a poor wifi signal on your phone (set to 2.4Ghz of course) at that location.

Solutions? You can try boosting your access point transmit power, although that's only a 1 way thing or try a wifi extender. I have one for my wifi IOT devices to reach the backyard (I also have a LIFX with the same issues located in the garden but was sorted with an extender).


Thank you everyone.

An update here.

Lights: These are mostly lights that are closed at the time through a physical switch + those that get disconnected (which are few after network improvement)

Bond Bridge: My Bond Bridge is working correctly both from it's app - and through the Hubitat integration. It's just sends that debug message which I can't figure out what it is

An innovelli red light switch would probably solve this problem. Enable smart bulb function and control the lifx bulbs using the switch so the bulb maintains power but is turned on/off via the switch instead of turning off power to the bulb. I have a few wifi bulbs in the kids rooms I use to alert them when you leave to catch the school bus, when dinner is ready, take out the trash etc. Each alert has a different color. They use the switch to control the lights but since the innovelli leaves the bulbs powered up I don't get any errors.

Easy way to test is turn on all the lights that are wifi and see if the debug messages go away.


Well there's your problem : no power = no wifi. The rest is just poor signal at that location for the reasons I gave.


Thanks. Adding switches is on the roadmap :slight_smile: