Errors in log

Anyone here give me insights into these error messages in the logs?

What are devices 194 and 196? And what driver do they use? A built-in driver, or a community driver?

You can find out both by clicking on the red "error"; it'll take you to the device page, which in turn indicates the device's identity and the driver used.


Interesting. These errors are from devices that are meshed from my C5. 2 Zooz Motion sensors that I was told to keep off my main C7 Hub due to some issues with the Zooz 4 in 1. the driver is the Zooz 4in1 Sensor New.(on the C5) I believe it is built in. They work. One is for my stair lights so my dog who is mostly blind can see better to go up and down the stairs in the middle of the night. One is in my kitchen.

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If they are built-in drivers, I'm tagging @support_team.

Zooz has a custom driver for this device but I don't see that it is installed on my C5 so I am assuming it is built in. These same errors are on the C5 logs also.
This is from Zooz support:

The ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor will pair with your hub quickly and without additional setup thanks to being officially integrated with Hubitat.

Changed the driver of these two sensors to Generic motion/temp sensor and that stopped the errors.