Errors from Virtual Switches

I'm getting java.lang.NullPointerException exceptions thrown whenever operations are performed on several of my virtual switches. Below are screen captures of the errors and the device configuration. (Grrr, why can't we access these as files.)

I'm assuming the "null object" is an app or driver that uses this virtual device, but how do I figure that out? And if the app is no longer around, how do I remove the reference?

You are using the wrong driver. The "Linked Switch" driver is meant for devices using Hub Link (a built-in app for integrating two Hubitat hubs--an older alternative to the new Hub Mesh--or Hubitat's old SmartThings to Hubitat integration, which I'd also no longer recommend). Undoubtedly, it's throwing those errors because of something else that is supposed to be present for that device to function correctly.

The correct driver for a virtual switch is called "Virtual Switch." Switching to that driver (under "Type") and hitting "Save Device" should fix your problem.

Ah! My bad.
I've changed it to what it should be, and no more errors.
Thank you!