Errors from all web services

Woke up this morning to find errors from all my IP connected devices i.e. Hue Bridge, LG TV, Amazon Echo Skill, Ecobee, Yamaha receiver and Logitech Harmony Hub. This has happened over a few times over the last week also.

Now trying to figure out if the issue was the hub, the internet, AWS etc.

Error logs are below for each device:
app:22020-05-18 07:24:08.063 am warnpollEcobeeAPICallback() - Poll exception: 408, Temporary failure in name resolution, null, - will retry

Hue Bridge:
app:332020-05-18 07:23:39.707 am debugpollHandler: status:408, error:No route to host (Host unreachable)
app:332020-05-18 07:23:30.121 am debugpollHandler: status:408, error:Connect to [/] failed: connect timed out

Harmony Hub:
dev:522020-05-18 07:23:54.357 am warnfailure message from web socket failure: No route to host (Host unreachable)

Yamaha Receiver:
dev:11212020-05-18 07:23:10.798 am warnconnect timed out

Amazon Echo Skill:
app:1102020-05-18 07:24:11.130 am errorError making Call to Alexa message gateway: null
app:1102020-05-18 07:24:11.127 am errorError making Call to Alexa message gateway: null

dev:662020-05-18 07:23:52.215 am debugWeb Socket update: failure: sent ping but didn't receive pong within 30000ms (after 371 successful ping/pongs)

This isn't really a Hubitat support issue if you think about it. You probably want to deploy some standard internet monitoring tactics though. See if your modem has logging. See if your ISP has a status page with outages.

If that gets you nowhere start monitoring connectivity from a PC/Mac with software to check connectivity. Make sure you connect through the same switch the Hubitat is connected through. Eliminate all possibilities of bad network gear. If you can blame Hubitat at that point then do so.

All of those times stamps are within a minute or two. I'm guessing your ISP did maintenance or had an outage. They will often do maintenance a few times over the period of a week in the wee hours to sort out a problem or upgrade.