Errors and warnings

Can somebody tell me if these are anything I should be worried about I do not know what they mean but I know which devices they come from.

The warnings are often just an elevated "info" message that will show even if you have info logging disabled. It is so you can see when certain functions run or possibly errors that are non critical. The debug logging message is probably from a new device you paired which will often default to debug logging on, then turn itself off after 30 minutes.

The errors are code stopping critical errors. Are those devices using a built in or a custom user driver? What type of device? Would also bee good to know what action caused that error (turning device on, adjusting a setting, etc...)

Clicking on dev: 41 will filter messages to a single device and highlight device name in the device list at the top of the page.

Clicking on error will open device details page in the new tab.

They are third reality motion sensors I have three of them but I only see two of them showing the errors. They are using the generic zigbee motion sensor ( no temp ) that defaulted on the install . I will try to paste some more info in there that you can use. Thanks for helping.

I believe @mike.maxwell is the staff to support this driver and will want to see this error.

Yeah, I see whats it's doing, will be updated in the next build...