Error with simple RM rule

Getting this error in the logs....

From this rule...

The rule works but I would like to try to fix this if possible. Possible reasons? Ideas for how to resolve?

That means that you are getting multiple instances of the rule firing at the same time. Basically, your triggers are happening too close together causing multiple instances of your rule to run simultaneously. RM doesn't like that. It looks like you have both the individual and combined presences as triggers. I thought the whole point of combined presence was you only needed that as a trigger?

Ah, I see. Thank you. The Combined Presence isn't set up properly yet. Will finish it and then remove the other triggers and see if that will work better. But it will still have 2 triggers - one for me and one for my wife. So if we come home together in the car then I suppose it could still trigger twice again close together. I guess I will need to delay one of them or check if its already triggered somehow? Hmmm. Not sure how to handle that situation. Maybe with a PB?

Close together isn't a problem. Even if the triggers are 2 seconds apart, that's an eternity for a computer. I'm talking about practically simultaneous events. Close is fine.

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Yeah, but that's why I'm surprised this is the reason. Because for the 2 Life360 triggers to fire at more or less exactly the same time, or the 2 Combined Presence triggers also (which rely on Life360, the HE app presence, and a WiFi connection) to almost simultaneously fire also seems unlikely. Having said that, the 5 minute wait maybe isn't helping although I thought that was just a queued event. I can remove that piece given when we come in the lights will be triggered by another rule that has delayed off action too, so that rule will handle turning the lights out.

Ah the joys of home automation! :grinning:

I would think that the life 360 and the corresponding combined presence would be the ones that fire at the same time, not the two life 360.

From the horse's mouth...

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Thanks. Yeah I think it's maybe the wait in the nested if/then that's the issue.

Yeah could be. Although the Life360 had a quite large radius, while the Combined Presence needs the WiFi connection which is into the driveway. Not to worry. I will sort it out. Thank you for the guidance. I'd never seen this error before so it didn't mean a thing to me!

Which, I believe, is the exact same thing that I said.

Also, I did want to ask, do you have a motion rule for the Kitchen Lights that controls it normally?? If so, you don't need the rule to turn the lights off.

Also, be sure that the mode will actually be in Night when you arrive. If you have Mode Manager turning the mode from Away to Night when you arrive will be slower than this rule. So, the first IF statement will be false. This would only trigger if you were already in Night mode when someone arrives.

You don't have any waits. You have a delay. But no, that is not the issue. The whole point of the delay is that it is canceled upon re-triggering of the rule. That would be pointless if it always caused an error.

Do you not believe me? Clearly my help is not wanted so I won't bother you any more. My apologies. Best of luck.

Yeah, sorry I meant delay. My other rule does indeed have a cancellable delay to turn the light off so, as I said above, I think I can remove the section to this rule which turns the lights off after 5 mins if the motion isn't active at that time. Because the other rule will deal with that.

Happy for help. Not so happy for tetchy prissiness after the evening I've had. With that attitude I'll be happy for you not to bother me anymore. Your apology is nevertheless accepted. One day maybe you will learn how not to be an utter ass on this forum.