Error with broken actions for button

Hi, i saved a weird rule on "button 1 held" here and was going to remove that buttons rule but when i click on that button to edit it it throws an unexpected error like in the images here, i have screenshot of the log aswell.

Please help

If you're trying to remove the entire rule, click the gear icon to the left of rule name in the apps list, then scroll to the bottom and click "Remove this child instance of rule-4.0"

Thanks! But i want to keep the rule and edit just this button

That's a @bravenel question. I would personally just delete the rule and build it again. If the error comes back, then I would report it. Sometimes stuff just breaks. I know Bruce is always interested in seeing an error that can possible be fixed, but I only report repeatable errors myself.

Curious, did you edit that button's actions right before getting the error?

On the main page of the rule, can you delete the button action for this one?

I had just edited that button and pressed "done".
Everything semed fine but when i press it to edit it i get this error over and over

I will try the delete button thing

Once one of these gets corrupted, it's toast. Clearly there is a bug that you stepped on, but really hard to track down without it being repeatable.

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I can delete the button, but the rule comes back if a add a new button, i've tried it multiple times...

really don't want to redo this remote :frowning:

The broken actions come back?

yes, just like i never deleted it

Don't redo the remote. If you're stuck on that one button, you can do it separately. Not ideal, as you'll have two separate rules for the one remote, but you can use the way you name the rules to keep them straight. If you would please post the app status page for this, I'll look into it. What obviously should be happening, but didn't, is for the actions to be deleted when the button is deleted.

Are you using Button Controller or Rule 4.0 for this?

Okey, ill do that, im using RM 4, do you think it would work if i copied the rule and then recreated the button?

Need that as a screenshot, not copy/paste. Always use screenshots, please.

No, if you clone the rule, you'd be cloning the bust too.

Noted :slight_smile:

Thanks. I'll dig into that as well as the broader fix.

Cool! And thanks for an awesome product! Really fast development and bug fixing :slight_smile:

I can't recommend Hubitat enough to people who don't have it!!!

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