Error when I try to add Hubitat to Google Assistant

I am trying to connect my HE to Google Assistant. So far I have gotten one of two different outcomes, neither of which equals success.

  1. It errors almost immediately with that error: Couldn't update setting. Please check your connection.
  2. It continues to show "Linking your Hubitat account" for as long as I have patience. So far the longest I've let it go is about 15 minutes.

I get this on both mine and my wife's phones, which are both Android.
I have reset my phone and reset the hub. I don't know how to reset the "cloud"...

What else can I try? Any suggestions? Voice control is pretty important for the wife, but I'd rather not set up IFTTT if this can be made to work.

Thank you

If this is a new Hubitat installation I would suspect that your hub is not registered correctly.

If you contact the guys will be able to check and fix the issue if there is a problem


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The cloud dashboards are working so I figured that it was properly registered, but just in case that is separate, I have emailed them.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Just as a followup, it was registered to the wrong account, and I was able to get it straightened out.


I think this could be my problem too.... but how to solve this?
I can't find an option to register Hubitat Hub to my actual account.
Let me explain.... the friend who purchased the Hub for me in EUA register the hub to update it there.... now in Cuba I would like to register the hubitat in order to use google assistant and Google Home in the future as Alexa is not allow here because Cuba embargo.

You need to use the same account to login to the portal that was used in registration. You need to contact support if that has to be changed. The Google account does not need to be the same though. That is going to be whatever google account you want to use with Hubitat's Google Assistant Integration.

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