Error When I try and Configure Arming/Disarming/Cancel Options

Hi Everyone,
I am really new to HE and as not long after I started setting things up I started getting these errors in HSM.

Support suggested I try these steps but none of them are working.

Based on the details provided and our preliminary research, it appears that you may have a device that is not compatible with HSM. We also noticed that you may have a cloud integration that may occasionally freeze your hub, which may further contribute to your hub problems. If you didn't do so already, I suggest performing a "Soft Reset" by following instructions in below document:

If the problem persists, and you have any custom code installed on your hub, you may want to reboot the hub in "Safe Mode," from the "Diagnostic Tool," then disable your apps or drivers to identify which causes the problem.

To access the Diagnostic Tool, please follow instructions in below document:

To disable an app or a driver, please see "Disable Device Drivers" and "Disable Apps" sub-headings in the following documents:

I am not sure which device is not compatible or how to find it. I don't have any custom code other that user apps that I have installed. I tried everything else and I am still having the issues. Any help would be great.

Staff would stand a better chance of guessing than us (what is line 350 in this code looking for?), but since we can't see that, my best guess is that maybe you have a motion, contact, or other sensor in use by HSM where HSM cannot read its current status (open/close, active/inactive, etc.). I'd check the device page for each and verify that you see something for "motion," "contact," or whatever the desired attribute is under "Current States" on the device page for each such device. I'm not sure if you can create a device without a device name, but if any of yours are blank (a blank device label is fine--and quite common), that might do it too if it's trying to do some sort by name. I can really only guess what it might be doing to throw this error...

That being said, this could also be an error/typo in the app (not sure what it's trying to do with some list of devices and what is failing...), but I checked my recent logs and don't see anything. Sharing your particular setup, if you're comfortable doing so, may help reval some option no one has tested if the above doesn't help.

If you don't having many devices connected with HSM. I'd remove & add things back until you find which one it is

So I have no idea what happened but the issue just went away one day when I checked it again. Thanks for the replies and suggestions.

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