Error using Contact Switch on an activity Tile

@garyjmilne Good morning Gary.
I was housecleaning and discovered a I/O problem on a TB tile. When I corrected it, I found I actually was getting incorrect results on my tile display.
Using 3 contact sensors that I use to note a door open - they were reporting as closed even tho the logs clearly showed the contact was open. The logs show the app has a failure point, reproducable. Keep your eye open for this?

Line 1611 is this:
runInMillis(eventTimeout.toInteger(), publishTable, [overwrite: true])

It's basically telling me that this is an older TB tile that has been upgraded but does not have a default value for eventTimeout. Go into TB for that tile and select a default value. I think this was fixed in a later version but somehow got skipped.

fixed. exactly as you noted.