Error on setHeatingSetpoint on Heatit Z-TRM3

Not sure if this is correct place to post this but I'm using Home Assistant as a frontend for Hubitat. I have 4 Heatit Z-TRM3 thermostats and they work well with the built in driver. However, from HA, I can't change the temperature. I get this error message java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method scale() on null object on line 196 (method setHeatingSetpoint), on/off function works fine. If I set the thermostats to "Generic Z-wave thermostat" it works fine.

Is this potentially a bug in the driver?

I can add that the reason why I don't just use the generic driver is that the Z-TRM3 seems a bit finicky when using that one. It seems to hang from time to time and not update according to the setpoint but with the Z-TRM3 driver I haven't had any issues.

Possibly.. I’ll check it out

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Fixed in release coming


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