Error on Set Color - SYLVANIA SMART + RGBW Light Bulb

I get the following error when trying to "Set Color" in the device page.

It is a SYLVANIA SMART + RGBW bulb. I am using the Generic Zigbee RGBW Light driver.

Please help. I am trying to set this up for a birthday gift.


Set color takes a map, if you're not sure what a map is just use the color picker on the device page.
You can also use the setHue command with a value of 0 to 100, saturation can be set with values of 0 to 100 as well, 0 will be white (no color), 100 will be fully saturated at the given hue.

I am aware of that, Mike. I am using the color picker then clicking Set Color. Then the error message shows up.

What browser?

Latest version of Chrome on Windows.
HE fully updated.
Generic Zigbee RGBW light driver

After choosing the color, this is the value that is going to be set:

Wondering what hue:NaN is? It is supposed to be red.

Nan is "not a number", I don't know what the ui issue is, just use setHue and set saturation from the driver for now.

I think the NaN is an indication that the color picker went out of range. I messed with it a little and I was able to go from 99 Hue to NaN by sliding it too far. Thanks, Mike.


@mike.maxwell is is driving me crazy. I am not seeing anything in either logs or events when I make changes on the device page. I have tried using the color selector and the number settings for hue, saturation, and level. Nothing is showing up in events/logs. I have all logging turned on.

This is then a mesh repeater issue, if you're commanding the device and not seeing anything in the debug logs, the device isn't able to reach the hub.

@mike.maxwell Interesting. I was able to turn it on and off just fine when I was upstairs using my phone. It is on the second floor on the opposite side of the house from the HE. If it is a range/mesh issue, what can I do?

PS - Refresh and Configure show up in the events/logs. I was getting log entries for awhile, but they stopped several hours ago.

Add a zigbee repeater somewhere between the hub and the bulb.

The debug logs turn themselves off after 30 minites, the description text logging does not.