Error Message when updating Palette in Node-Red

When I attempt to add, update or delete a node within the manage palette area of NR I get an error message -

2023-01-15T18:03:11.766Z npm install --no-audit --no-update-notifier --no-fund --save --save-prefix=~ --production --engine-strict node-red-contrib-homebridge-automation@0.1.4.

I am running V 3.0.2 of node red, MAC OS 13.1 and V 16.16.0 of node JS.

Thoughts on how to fix this?


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Best to ask this on the node red forum. Also a quick google search does show this to be possibly an npm issue, you might want to do that also to see if there are any solutions that will fit your situation.

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This. Or try using —force and doing it from the command line.

Looking at the logs closer it was the mail node causing the problem. I changed the name of the file and it let me update and add nodes again.

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