Error Logging In

I get an error when I try signing into the app on my iPhone (iOS 14):

URLSessionTask failed with error: A server with the specified hostname could not be found.

I can do a Local Hub discovery without issue. I've already deleted and reinstalled the app.

Any ideas?

Off the top of my head, either:

  1. You're trying to get to the Web UI without being on your home LAN
  2. The IP address for your hub isn't static, and may have changed - check your router's attached devices

I logged out of the Hubitat Mobile App on my iPhone 11 running iOS 14. I was then able to log into the app without any issue.

None of the above.

I am logged out. I cannot log back in - that's the issue.

Yep, I realize that. Which is why I tested it to see if the problem is widespread, or more localized.

Are you running the latest beta version of the Hubitat Mobile App?

That's going to be my next step.

Beta app gives me the same error.

Got it working. Had to turn off WiFi for some reason. Once I did that, the app loaded. Turned WiFi back on and I'm still good.