Error Loading Rule

Was editing a rule and something went wrong. Not sure what, but now I get this when opening the rule...

and the log shows this...

"idle" is likely the state of my thermostat. Is there a way to fix this rule without deleting it?

Has happened to me too. HE support told me it most likly happens when you back or leave the RM page in the middle of adding or editing steps.
Only thing to do is to remove the broken rule and start over. Since then I'm very careful to finish all actions before leaving the rule and/or closing the browser. Hasn't happen since I started doing that.

Always a good idea to make a backup of the hub before making major edits to the system. This way you can always at least quickly revert back in the event something like this happens.


It is. But its when you just are going to do a small quick tweak you screw up and ends up with a broke rule. :slight_smile:

This has happened to me several times and I never use the back button or leave w/o saving out, I just delete and recreate.

Once a rule is finished, I export it and save it somewhere safe, much easier to restore a single rule than fiddle with restoring backups...

I also have screen shots of any rule, ML, SA, Modes... that can't be backed up

Yes it takes some time but well worth it

Good luck


I did backup the rule before I started, so that's good. Is there any way to export it, debug it in a text editor, and then reimport it? That way I could keep any of the changes I made after backing it up.

Export - yes.
Debug with a text editor - no.
Reimport - yes.

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You can actually edit exported rules in a text editor, but not an easy task. Open one and look, you will see why.

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