Error: java.lang.Exception: Unable to aquire lock to schedule run once for isNotPresent (parse)

So I have been getting these errors for a while now. I would say probably 2-3 months or so? The errors seem to be getting worse or more frequent. This is a Smartthings Arrival Sensor V4 (presence fob). I actually have two of these that do the exact same thing. It only seems to happen during the Hub maintenance cycle.

I have tried changing drivers to a virtual driver then back to the correct driver. I have tried configure. I have rebooted and I have tried a backup and restore. Nothing seems to make a difference. I don't seem to notice any slowdowns or other weird effects, but I don't like seeing the errors, and this cannot be good to fill the logs with these errors.

Thoughts? Log below.


Edit: Hub firmware is current,

I’ve been seeing the same exact thing for one of my drivers. The adverse affect is that my runIn doesn’t get scheduled.

It never had a problem until a few months ago. I’ve looked over at my code several times and nothing seems out of place.

Are you guys on the latest firmware? I had seen these before but back on like 2.1.8 or so.

Yep. I am one of those that clicks update within about 2 seconds of them publishing the update!

Ditto, I’m on the latest.

I found that saving the settings clears it up. This is likely because unschedule() is called. Sometimes I’ve seen it clear itself up as well. It’s been an infrequent issue for me, so tough today say what might trigger it.

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