Error, invalid operand type

Hi, I've recently seen this error in my logs, I don't believe I used to see this, perhaps related to the upgrade to 2.3.6?

I have an app that sets the hub variable SumpHiPwrT1 to now in seconds. The variable is declared as type number.
Hub variable
The error seems to be related to a second app that uses the hub variable as a trigger.

Any ideas?

That's odd. I will look into this...

Was just looking at my logs and I am seeing the same error. It's occurring in two rules , both with a similar triger as OPs. In my case it's humidity sensor increase.

Found and will be fixed...


@brad @bertabcd1234 The .144 update fixed my problem.

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I am running .144 and problem still persists.

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Can you elaborate on this by including a screenshot of your rule, and a screenshot for the logs generated when the rule runs?

I am using latest Rule Machine app.

Temperature sensors are:

  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 05
  • manufacturer: LUMI
  • model:
  • modelType: Aqara WSDCGQ11LM

app:7582023-10-17 12:32:08.660errorinvalid operand type for 20.95(number) decreased 20(number)
app:7582023-10-17 12:32:08.655errorinvalid operand type for 20.95(number) decreased 20(number)
app:7512023-10-17 12:11:43.304errorinvalid operand type for 20.56(number) decreased 20(number)

As a consequence trigger is not working.


I tested this with the same Aqara sensor and ended up with the error. It's weird that it works several times before getting the error.

Just realized I am still getting this error as well. For me it is a Humidity increase. Just noticed mine is a bit different. As the final part in () says string? not number.

Rule trigger:

Fix for this in next release.