Error getting Notifications

So I can’t view Notifications anymore. Just started and I only know cause I wrote a couple rules that used notify and went to view the messages.

From the app I get:

Any ideas?

That isn’t something I’ve seen before, but if I did, the first thing I would do is reboot the phone. Then if that doesn’t work, I’d reboot the hub.

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I should have included that info sorry. I did reboot everything to no avail. Still got the same message.

Are you able to access your dashboards on that phone?

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Yes Dashboards work normally. Everything else does as far as I can see. Just notifications don’t occur, or aren’t viewable on the app.

Is there any other way to view notifications?

On the iPhone, you should also be able to see notifications from the “Tools” menu - first item on top: “Notifications”. Does that work for you?

Also, what hub platform version are you using? Are you on the iPhone or Android, and what version are you using? Do you have another device to test this with by any chance?

The app is the only way I know to view the notifications so going through tools is what I do.

C-7 hub at

No other mobile phone, only a laptop.

iPhone XR is 15.3.1

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The notifications should also pop-up, but I suspect that won’t happen when you get this error…

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the app?

I have received notifications on the same hub platform and iOS version… Not sure what would cause this error code.

I will tag @moncho1138 in case he is able to assist.

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Well I did delete and reinstall the app on my iPhone and that resolved the problem.

Thank you so much for the help and suggesting that, not something I thought of…

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Glad that did it! :smiley:

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