Error Defining a New Required Expression in RM

I am getting an error message every time I try to add a new expression in RM.
Error: Cannot invoke method minus() on null object
Here is the log message
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method minus() on null object on line 241 (method STPage)

I will get this error message on all new RM I will try to create.

If someone had a similar issue, not sure where to look and how to fix this,


Which firmware revision and controller are you currently running?

Hub = C7
Platform Version =
Firmware = VersionReport(zWaveLibraryType:7, zWaveProtocolVersion:7, zWaveProtocolSubVersion:18, firmware0Version:7, firmware0SubVersion:18, hardwareVersion:1, firmwareTargets:1, targetVersions:[[target:1, version:7, subVersion:15]])

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OK, this is a new bug. I'll try to get this fixed, and that into a hot fix release...

A workaround in a new rule would be to first open the Actions section. That should allow this not to throw the error.